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  Law Office of Henry E. Marines, PA


At the Law Office of Henry E. Marines, we strive to find the best solutions to your legal problems. We are a fully-versed law firm with over 20 years of experience in the legal profession, including but not limited to real estate, first

party property insurance, personal injury, and paymaster services. We advocate for clients throughout the state of Florida, New York, and all federal appellate courts. Moreover, we provide International Paymaster services.


Attorney Marines has an extensive and varied legal pedigree, which he employs to the benefit of those seeking his advocacy.


He began his career as a prosecutor in New York City, working as an Assistant District Attorney and Senior Trial Attorney for the Office of the District Attorney in King's County, New York. His exceptional skills as a litigator translated well when he moved into Criminal Defense Law. Effective and aggressive in the courtroom, he has presented cases in front of a panel of judges in federal criminal appeals and has been victorious in overturning convictions on such appeals. 


Serving as a prosecutor and later a criminal defense attorney, honed his keen eye for detail, doggedness in obtaining evidence, and resolve to fight for his clients’ rights and interests. Just as important, his fearless tenacity in and out of courtroom, is matched by his empathy and compassion. 


Our firm understands that hiring an attorney is not an easy decision. More than that, it is often fraught with misgivings. Attorney Marines offers a free consultation, so clients may know their best legal course without added anxiety or financial strain. From our very first meeting, we put our clients’ needs first. Whether it be a real estate, insurance, personal injury, or paymaster matter, you can be sure Attorney Henry E. Marines and his staff will give their all to the successful resolution of your legal issue, and do so while treating you with respect and consideration – always as a person, rather than a case.


Adeptly grasping the financial complexities of today’s economy, our firm has extended our expertise to struggling homeowners, helping Florida residents for many years. In fact, we have deftly navigated real estate, insurance, personal injury and paymaster matters in South Florida’s market for well over a decade.


Our world is one of uncertainty, unforeseen accidents, mishaps and hardships. It is also a world run by the laws of the land. Having Attorney Henry E. Marines representing your interests, and offering a measure of protection will help you feel less alone and less afraid. Knowing people sleep better at night because of our

firm is our ultimate goal.


Contact us today for your free consultation. It will be the first step to taking back your power and your agency.

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Schedule a FREE Evaluation of Your Case

If you or a loved one is seeking an experienced, yet compassionate lawyer who will provide you with the dedicated representation you need, please contact the Law Office of Henry E. Marines today.

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