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If your financial situation seems out of control, contact the Law Office of Henry E. Marines for help. There are often options that can help you following situations such as the loss of a job, unexpected medical problems, or divorce. Situations like these can often leave people with large amounts of unsecured debt and under constant attack from collection agencies. During a free consultation, Attorney Henry E. Marines can advise you whether declaring bankruptcy may be your best option.

Stop Creditor Harassment

As soon as you file bankruptcy, the law mandates that all collection efforts against you must stop. Creditors can no longer contact you and are unable to file any new lawsuits against you. It takes an order from a bankruptcy judge to lift this restriction.

When filing bankruptcy, you have to provide information such as your creditors, the amounts owed, your property, your income, and living expenses. We will guide you through what can be a confusing, frustrating and overwhelming process, and ensure you gather all the necessary information and fill out all the appropriate paperwork.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is the most effective way to stop creditor harassment if you are unable to meet your financial obligations. It liquidates all assets except for those which are exempt under Florida laws. Recently, there have been changes to bankruptcy laws, which make it harder to qualify for Chapter 7. Attorney Marines can quickly determine if you are eligible and whether filing a Chapter 7 bankrupty is your best option.

Some examples of personal property and assets that are exempt from liquidation include:

  • Your residence, if the payments are still being made
  • Tools or books used in your profession or trade
  • Proceeds from a lawsuit
  • Social security, disability, and veterans benefits
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Life insurance contracts

Contact the Law Office of Henry E. Marines

While an attorney is not required to file bankruptcy, the complexity and the changes to the Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws make it much more difficult for the average person to navigate the process. The law gives no special protections for people who represent themselves, so it is essential that you understand the process very well or are represented by an attorney who understands the process.

Attorney Marines will explain the laws and process to you, determine your eligibility for Chapter 7, and analyze your total assets, while showing you which would be exempt from liquidation.

Get a fresh start by contacting the Law Office of Henry E. Marines today.